The 250 Club is an exclusive group of MBI-PAC supporters that are likely to be the next generation of construction industry leaders. Similar to the long-established 750 Club, MBI wishes to begin engaging those individuals in our overall legislative efforts to continually improve the industry.  After all, these are the future decision-makers.  Anyone who contributes $250 will be deemed a member of the 250 Club and will be recognized through different MBI publications, as well as the annual winter conference in February. 

Supporting the PAC at the Track event is an easy way to cement your place in the 250 Club!


  • Roger Cannoy


  • Rob Davis

    Bush Construction

  • Amy Fetters

    McGough Construction

  • Tony Hovenga

    Katelman Steel Fabrication, Inc.

  • Michael Kaufmann

    Simmons Perrine Moyer Bergman PLC

  • Doug Kumm

    Baker Group

  • Steve Marso

    Whitfield & Eddy Law

  • Tom Mass

    The Waldinger Corporation

  • Matthew McSweeney

    TSF Structures, Inc.

  • Sean Patrick

    Helitech Civil Construction

  • Austin Ressler

    TSF Structures, Inc.

  • Brent Thompson

    Elder Corporation

  • Eric White

    Estes Construction