Job Description: To develop safety training topics, content and delivery methods for the industry. The committee will also provide input on communicating safety issues to the membership and the development of new and innovative ideas to service construction jobsites as well as general industry needs throughout Iowa. The committee will oversee the criteria and scoring mechanism for the MBI/IOSHA Safety Awards program. This committee will provide their recommendations to the Construction Safety Specialists, Inc. – Board of Directors.


Scott Lewis

Scott Lewis

  • Co-Chair
  • Elder Corporation
  • Des Moines, Iowa
Scott Lewis

Greg Schulte

  • Co-Chair
  • Keen Project Solutions, LLC
  • Ankeny, Iowa
  • Scott Lewis

    Elder Corporation

  • Greg Schulte

    Keen Project Solutions, LLC

  • Lee Batcheller

    Star Equipment, Ltd.

  • Mike Berry

    Graham Construction Co.

  • Nate Burgod

    Elite Glass & Metal

  • Mark Davis

    WRH, Inc.

  • Seth Doman

    Conlon Construction Co.

  • Michael Doucette


  • Kelly Edmonds

    Rinderknecht Associates

  • Craig Fink

    TrueNorth Construction Specialty

  • Dustin Gaskill


  • Joe Harris

    The Weitz Company

  • Tracy Haus

    Baker Group

  • Josh Jacobsen

    Holmes Murphy

  • Mark Johnson

    Estes Construction

  • Braxton Lewis

    The Hansen Company

  • James Machamer

    Neumann Brothers, Inc.

  • Megan Marolf

    The Weitz Company

  • Dave McInroy

    Rinderknecht Associates

  • Michael Messer

    Larson Construction

  • Pat O'Neal

    Hy-Vee Construction

  • Jared Platt

    United Rentals Trench Safety

  • David Sanquist

    United Contractors

  • Brandon Schoborg

    Cardinal Construction

  • Melissa Schrof

    Walsh Door & Security

  • Bob Sodders

    Ball Team

  • Mike Summers


  • Tammy Swenson

    EMC Insurance Companies

  • Josh Thrap

    Hy-Vee Construction

  • Jared Vaske

    Star Equipment, Ltd.