The 2023 MBI Legislative Priorities, as approved by the Board of Directors, are as follows:

Property Tax / Tax Reforms

  • MBI Position: Iowa should take a holistic look at the property tax system in Iowa - both residential and commercial - while ensuring that local governments are property funded for their economic development needs. If TIF is addressed, reforms should be made to strengthen the tool rather than diminish its effectiveness.  

Sales Tax for Sister Companies

  • MBI Position: MBI supports legislation that would ensure continuity in treating controlled entity groups avoiding instances of being double taxed. 

Economic Development Programs

  • MBI Position: support the State of Iowa's efforts to build our communities with effective economic development tools while looking at ways to inject privat investment into vertical public infrastructure needs. 

RIIF Funding

MBI Position: RIIF monies are needed for infrastructure purposes and should not be diverted for non-infrastructure related needs.