The 2024 MBI Legislative Priorities, as approved by the Board of Directors, are as follows:

Property Tax / Tax Reforms

MBI Position: MBI will support efforts to lower income and corporate taxes while encouraging transparent and stable reforms. 

Sales Tax for Sister Companies

MBI Position: supports legislation that would ensure continuity in treating controlled entity groups avoiding instances of being double taxed. 

Last year, the House passed the bill 94-0.  We are attempting to get it over the finish line in the Senate this year. 

Mega Site Legislation

MBI Position: MBI will support IEDA’s legislation to bring large-scale economic development projects to Iowa. The bill needs to be passed by the Iowa House to become law.   

MBI had registered in support of IEDA’s MEGA site bill. This bill did not pass in the end.   

RIIF Funding

MBI Position: RIIF monies are needed for infrastructure purposes and should not be diverted for non-infrastructure related needs.