Job Description: This committee is responsible to measure member needs in the areas of the Dimensions of Wellness. Information and data gathered is to establish and maintain a culture of wellness in our industry by encouraging activities that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Through providing members what they need to develop wellness at the workplace, community and at home, our industry will be attractive to the workforce as we are better able to attract, recruit and retain happy, healthy and productive colleagues.


Cal Beyer, CWP

Cal Beyer, CWP

  • Chair
  • SAFE Workplaces for National Nonprofit SAFE Project
  • Cal Beyer, CWP

    SAFE Workplaces for National Nonprofit SAFE Project

  • Tyler Behle

    Hy-Vee Construction

  • Justin Brighton

    Rognes Corp

  • Janae Brown

    DCI Group

  • Brad Churchill

    US Erectors, Inc.

  • Jake Connor

    Turner Construction Company

  • Chuck Danner

    Hy-Vee Construction

  • Kandace Edwards

    Downing Construction Inc.

  • Kayle Frese

    Elder Corporation

  • Rebecca Galvan

    Henning Companies

  • Lydia Gaunitz

    J B Holland Construction Inc.

  • Zack Hendricks

    McAninch Corporation

  • Laura Keniston

    University of Iowa

  • Laura Merz

    Koester Construction Company, Inc.

  • Sean Patrick

    Equitable Advisors

  • Tara Rinehart

    Master Builders of Iowa

  • Diane Rohlman

    University of Iowa

  • Emily Schnebbe

    Midwest Alarm Services

  • Ella Sherman

    Pirc-Tobin Construction, Inc.

  • Brian Vize

    Conlon Construction

  • Heidi Warren

    The Hansen Company, Inc.

  • Russell Whitney

    DCI Group

  • Jon Williams

    Hy-Vee Construction

  • Mary Zimmerman

    Iowa State University CIRAS