In 2012, the Iowa Occupational Safety Health Administration (Iowa OSHA) and Master Builders of Iowa joined together to create the nation’s first public-private partnership focused on providing a joint safety consultation and best practices program exclusively for Iowa’s commercial construction industry. The program, called WORKSAFE, is a customized job site safety approach, unique to each project owner and job site team. WORKSAFE is designed to assist contractors to be “safety proactive” through the implementation of pre-construction safety review and planning; professional job site consultation; project recognition; and special package pricing.

MBI partners with professionals from Construction Safety Specialists Incorporated (CSSI) who play an important part in every WORKSAFE designated-project by bringing years of expertise to help with all aspects of safety on the job site. 

WORKSAFE is a perfect solution for those who want to elevate safety on their respective job sites. However, one size does not fit all when considering job site specific safety programs. For each project, enrollees are asked to consider the number of audits that best fits the duration of the project.