Each year, come late February, construction colleagues from throughout Iowa and the Midwest come together for MBI’s Annual Winter Conference. In a normal year, this event attracts over 1,500 contractors, suppliers, service providers, design professionals, students and pretty much any other person involved in one way or another with the Iowa commercial building industry. The event is a great networking opportunity, as well as an educational and training program that goes beyond anything else offered in this state. Needless to say, it is MBI’s signature event!

 MBI is not immune from the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and we are very aware that planning a conference for 1,500 attendees is going to require a completely new approach.  MBI is working hard to re-arrange the configuration of the conference to accommodate the capacity limitations, while also being responsive to COVID protocols. 

By going through this exercise, we have come to the conclusion that the Annual Winter Conference program will look much different from years past. However, the ultimate goal is that the conference maintains the status of being our signature event and showcases MBI and everyone who has a connection to this organization.

Many opportunities are available to market your company during the conference.  If you would like more information on how to get involved through sponsorships or virtual exhibiting in 2021, please contact Micah Loveless at (515) 657-4398 or MLoveless@MBI.Build, or click on the Exhibiting Information button below.