What is the MBI-PAC?

For many years, the MBI-PAC has been the most recognizable tool that our membership has deployed for legislative advocacy at the Iowa Capitol. When you account for the progress that we’ve made in improving the overall business climate favorable to Iowa’s construction industry, there is no match for the MBI-PAC. But over those same years, it’s clear that we’ve grown complacent in growing the MBI-PAC amongst the membership. That’s why we intend to build upon the legislative successes of the past, and set up the MBI-PAC for the next decade of legislative advocacy.

Our new MBI-PAC program, called the Builders Action Fund, is bringing increased attention to fundraising and increased recognition of our contributors and their companies. Whether you contribute annually or are doing so for the first time, please understand that your support is what makes what we do on your behalf possible!

What is the Builders Action Fund? 

The Builders Action Fund is a way to identify and recognize those MBI-member companies who are going above and beyond normal advocacy. This would include efforts to engage new MBI-PAC contributors, personalized meetings with lawmakers and sponsoring MBI-PAC events. Many of these efforts are happening already. We believe it is time to bring them forward as shining examples of legislative advocacy for others in the industry.

Check out the brochure for more information on how to participate in the program, and how to contribute to the Builders Action Fund. 

Builders Action Fund Brochure

On average, the MBI-PAC raises over $130,000 from industry-leaders on an annual basis. Achieving such tremendous results is evidence that MBI members understand the importance of investing in their industry. To complement the membership’s understanding of the relationship between money and politics, the MBI-PAC takes an approach of providing variety, convenience, and value for perspective contributors. Opportunities to contribute can take many forms – from golf outings, sporting clay events, mail solicitations, and ongoing / multi-year pledge campaigns.  

Any contribution to the MBI-PAC must be made from a personal account, as corporate contributions are prohibited under state law.

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