The Advocate's Club is an exclusive group of MBI-PAC supporters that are likely to be the next generation of construction industry leaders. Similar to the long-established Champion's Club, MBI wishes to begin engaging those individuals in our overall legislative efforts to continually improve the industry.  After all, these are the future decision-makers.  Anyone who contributes $250 will be deemed a member of the Advocate's Club and will be recognized through different MBI publications, as well as the Annual Winter Conference in February. 


  • Kim Augspurger

    Saxton dba Falkbuilt Des Moines

  • Aaron Decamp

    Henning Companies

  • Nathan Delzell

    Keen Project Solutions

  • Kelly Edmonds

    Rinderknecht Associates

  • Bryan Freund

    West Bank

  • John Irving

    Tri-City Electric

  • Bob Kollsmith

    TrueNorth Construction Specialty Group

  • Doug Kumm

    Baker Group

  • Tom Lavelle

    Keen Project Solutions

  • Zach Mahoney

    Z Mark Financial

  • Lee Marbach


  • Mitch McDonough

    Star Equipment, Ltd.

  • Scott Pantel

    Rinderknecht Associates

  • Gordon Parker

    Rinderknecht Associates

  • Sean Patrick

    Bosch Financial

  • Chris Seiberling

    Westfield Insurance

  • Brad Tholen

    Star Equipment, Ltd.

  • Mark Thompson

    Neumann Brothers, Inc.

  • Nathan Walker

    Keen Project Solutions

  • AJ Wolfe