Cornerstone Academy


  • 09/30/2021
  • 10/01/2021


  • Davenport, IA
Fee Type of Fee
$1,250 MBI Members
$1,565 Construction Update Subscribers & Non-Members

This is the first of five sessions that will be held across the state through February 2022.

This construction leadership development program is designed to introduce attendees to several facets of the commercial construction industry, while providing them with a wealth of valuable information and priceless resources. A solid understanding of the topics included in this program are vital
to the success of every commercial construction company, therefore also critical for the success of the employees who are leading these firms. This is an excellent opportunity to see a detailed overview of many important aspects of the commercial construction industry, as well as to receive
fundamental information. Presenters for Cornerstone Academy include industry experts in their respective topics who have a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding, based on years of working in Iowa’s construction industry. Each presenter will provide the group with recommended resources to assist attendees with building a comprehensive supply of reference materials for future use.

Master Builder Designation Credits:  Leadership - 8 Credits; Project Management - 8 Credits; Safety - 6 Credits; Ecological - 6 Credits; Ethics - 5 Credits; Your Choice - 7 Credits