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Scope of Request for Proposals *


Within this category the proposal can focus on, but not limited to, any of the following:

The elevation of the building trades industry as a viable and rewarding career has led to opportunities for contractors to gain high caliber individuals who previously worked in a different industry. The MBI-WORKS Endowment seeks proposals that will support direct placement of individuals who enter into the commercial construction industry. This could include, but is not limited to, seasonal workforce, individuals on unemployment, individuals refocusing career paths, etc.

Early exposure to commercial construction is one of the keys to meeting the workforce needs of the industry. MBI-WORKS is seeking proposals that will expose high school and junior high students to commercial construction career opportunities. In addition, MBI-WORKS is interested in commercial contractor partnerships with schools that strengthen curriculum, create hands-on opportunities and real-life experiences to explore and enhance construction-related skill sets. By selecting this scope, you are indicating a commitment to in-person instruction from MBI partners.

o date, much of the attention in commercial construction career advocacy has concentrated on junior high and high school students. However, there remains an un-tapped pool of individuals who could easily transition into a commercial construction career. The MBI-WORKS Endowment seeks proposals that will create outreach to non-traditional demographics. For example, this could include individuals looking for a career change, veterans returning to civilian life, ex-offenders, etc. The opportunities in commercial construction are great and the MBI-WORKS Endowment welcomes proposals that will strive to create commercial construction career pathways for people of varying educational backgrounds and work experience.

The MBI-WORKS Board of Directors are looking for the establishment of projects that focus on growing the number of women and minorities who consider careers in commercial construction. Of specific interest are collaborative programs that address the need for enhancing diversity by advancing the industry.

MBI-WORKS Timeline

RFP Release Date June 13, 2022
Proposals Due 4:00 CST September 16, 2022
Notifications of Awards December 16, 2022
Funding Start Date January 27, 2023

I. Award Amounts

Applicants are encouraged to develop proposals that would require funding up to $30,000. However, availability of funds (above or below $30,000) may be awarded dependent upon performance of the Endowment’s investments and the discretion of the MBI-WORKS Board of Directors will ultimately determine the extent of grants awarded.

II. Eligibility Requirements

Grants from the Endowment can only be made to charitable organizations with a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, or to governmental agencies like public educational institutions or other similar public entities. An application submitted by an eligible organization must be sponsored by one or more members of the Master Builders of Iowa.

The Board of Directors of the Endowment has the authority to reject and / or not evaluate a proposal for reasons without limitation. The MBI-WORKS Endowment Board of Directors WILL NOT CONSIDER proposals which would not directly benefit Iowa.

III. Things to Avoid

  1. Avoid creating a multi-year program that will be dependent on funds from this Endowment to remain viable.

  2. Avoid submitting proposals that simply replace funding for existing, previously established programs.

  3. Avoid including any overhead or administrative charges of any sort as part of the request for funds.

  4. Avoid submitting proposal that promote union or non-union affiliations or agendas.

  5. Avoid submitting proposals that support payment of administrative salaries. In the event that your proposal does include Endowment funds being used for salaries, the Board of Directors will scrutinize the sustainability plan heavily and reserves the right to reject proposals that do not demonstrate the long-term commitment of the program.

IV. Budget Information

Successful proposals shall include the following budget aspects:

  1. Total project budget (grant, match, and in-kind)

  2. Specific dollar amount requested and percent of overall project budget being requested

  3. Cost per participant, activity, event etc. (if appropriate)

  4. A detailed budget narrative explaining how and when all funds will be expended

  5. If proposal includes partnership with a 501(c)(3), the total annual operating budget of said organization.

V. Changes, Addenda, Withdrawals

MBI-WORKS reserves the right to change the schedule of events or issue addenda to the RFP at any time. MBI-WORKS also reserves the right to cancel or reissue the RFP.

VI. Proposal Information and Evaluation Criteria (total of 100 points)

A. General Parameters (15 Points)

  1. A listing of all MBI member partners.

  2. A listing of all non-MBI member partners involved in the proposal including firm name, address, website address and contact information.

  3. The anticipated timeline for this project, including a starting and ending date.

  4. Articulate, in detail, the full scope of the proposal.

  5. Provide a specific goal of the number of people you will impact, as well as the process by which you will validate the data.

B. Importance of the Problem (10 Points)

  1. The extent to which the applicant clearly described the need and target population.

  2. The extent to which the proposed activities further the purpose of the Endowment.

  3. The extent to which the proposed project will have a beneficial impact on the target population.

C. Design of the Project (10 points)

  1. The proposed project design includes a comprehensive understanding of the local labor market and workforce demands.

  2. The proposed project design includes effective strategies for addressing the RFP.

D. Plan of Evaluation (5 points)

  1. How you plan to track progress and success of your project.

E. Sustainability Plan (15 points)

  1. The extent to which the applicant demonstrates the capacity to sustain the project after funding from the Endowment expires. As indicated earlier under “Things to Avoid”, the Board of Directors will scrutinize the sustainability plan heavily and reserves the right to reject proposals that do not demonstrate the long-term commitment of the program.

F. Project Staff (10 points)

  1. The extent to which the applicant devotes commercial construction company staff time to the project.

  2. The extent to which the applicant devotes partner (non-profit, school, etc.) staff time to the project.

  3. The extent to which the key personnel have appropriate training and experience in disciplines required to conduct all proposed activities. Include necessary contact information and short description of their respective role in the proposal.

G. Adequacy of Resources (10 points)

  1. The extent to which the applicant is committed to provide adequate facilities, equipment, and other resources, including administrative support to the project.

H. Budget and Budget Narrative (15 points)

  1. A detailed budget that breaks down the use of Endowment funds, *cash matching funds, and in-kind funds by budget category.

Endowment Match In-kind Total

Please note, overhead or other indirect costs are not an allowable expense.

Please include: A detailed budget narrative that breaks down the use of Endowment funds by budget category and explains the use of funds within each category.

  1. Overview

  2. Personnel

  3. Supplies

  4. Travel

  5. Contractual

  6. Other

*Cash matching funds are a requirement for consideration and should meet a minimum of dollar for dollar match. Projects proposing more considerable funds of a match may score higher in this area during proposal evaluation.

I. Letters of Support (5 Points)

  1. Provide a letter of support for each organization or department involved in your proposed project. Letters of support must be from someone who holds the authority to speak for the organization or department (CEO, Chair, etc.) must be signed and dated, and must specifically indicate understanding of the project and commitment to the project, including any resources commitments (in-kind services, dollars, staff, space, equipment, etc.).

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J. Discretionary (5 points)

  1. These points are allotted to the reviewers to use at their own discretion.

VII. Non-Profit, School or Community Organization Taxpayer Identification Number

VIII. Reference Checks

The Endowment – or its agents – reserve the right to contact any reference to assist in the evaluation of the proposal, to verify information contained in the proposal and to discuss the respondent’s qualifications.

The Endowment – or its agents – reserve the right to contact a respondent after the submission of a proposal for the purpose of clarification. This contact may include written questions, interviews, site visits, as well as a review of past performance. The Endowment will not consider information received from or through the respondent if the information materially alters the content of the proposal.

IX. Release of Claims

By submitting a proposal, the respondent, as well as all other parties affiliated with the proposal agree to not bring any claim or cause of action against the Endowment or the Master Builders of Iowa, based on any misunderstanding concerning the information provided in the RFP or concerning the Endowment’s failure, negligent or otherwise, to provide the respondent with pertinent information in this RFP.

It is important to note that a submission of a proposal in no way guarantees an award.

X. Notice of Award

The individual identified as the main contact in the proposal, shall be notified in the instance of an award. The actual dollar amount of all awards is at the sole discretion of the MBI-WORKS Board. Awarded projects must certify that they can complete all of the work outlined in their proposal and have an approved work plan before any funds will be distributed.

XI. Instruction for Submission

In an effort to ensure all proposals are judged in a fair and unbiased manner, respondents interested in submitting a proposal must abide by the following criteria:

  1. Proposals must be submitted by a commercial construction company or a combination of commercial construction companies. Proposals must also include a partnership with a 501 c (3) non-profit entity or an Iowa-based governmental entity in order to qualify for funding.

Proposals must be submitted via the website by 4:00 pm CST on September 16, 2022.

Upload up to four supporting documents below.

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XII. Administrative Information

During the proposal development period, all questions and inquiries shall be submitted in writing. Questions can be directed to:

Adam DoBraska
Master Builders of Iowa
4100 Westown Pkwy
West Des Moines, IA 50266

Proposals must be received by the contact person listed above pursuant to the timeframe established in this RFP. Any proposal received after this deadline will not be considered and returned to the respondent.

The Board of Directors of the MBI-WORKS Endowment will be charged with review of the proposals.

The proposals will remain confidential until the Board has reviewed all of the proposals and completed its evaluations. Unless indicated at the time of submission, all proposals become the property of the Endowment and shall not be returned to the respondent.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, products created with the use of MBI Endowment funds will shall become property of the Endowment.

Notice of award will be made directly to the point of contact indicated in the proposal.

The costs of preparation and delivery of the proposal are solely the responsibility of the Respondent.

XIII. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By submitting a proposal, the respondent acknowledges its acceptance of the terms and conditions of the RFP and the General Terms and Conditions without change except as otherwise expressly stated in its proposal.

Successful proposals will have a start date of January 2023. First installment available at that time.

Funds will be distributed quarterly. Discretion lies with the Endowment to delay funding if acceptable progress in not being made or proposal obligations are not being met.

Quarterly expense reports, budget updates and proposal progress updates are required with each payment request.

Criteria Potential Points Points Awarded Comments
A. General Parameters 15
B. Importance of the Problem 10
C. Design of the Project 10
D. Plan of Evaluation 5
E. Sustainability Plan 15
F. Project Staff 10
G. Adequate Resources 10
H. Budget and Budget Narrative 15
I. Letters of Support 5
J. Discretionary 5
Total Points 100