Job Description: The committee is tasked with reviewing and commenting on new technology purported to advance efficiency and enhance performance for the construction industry and member companies. The scope of review is not limited to any specific area of application and includes, but is not limited to: electronic project management systems, paperless pay systems, estimating and communications technology.


Trevor Otto

Trevor Otto

  • Chair
  • JE Dunn Construction
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Trevor Otto

    JE Dunn Construction

  • Curt Baker

    The Waldinger Corporation

  • Justine Bangert

    Bangert Computer Systems, Inc.

  • Michael Beck

    Baker Group

  • Donald Billington

    The Weitz Company

  • Josh Braby

    Neumann Brothers, Inc.

  • Adam Collins

    Western Specialty Contractors

  • Brett Cruse

    Evora Group

  • Colby Edel

    Downing Construction Inc.

  • Alex Ernst

    United Rentals

  • Shane Geiselhart

    Story Construction Co.

  • Scott German


  • Jeremy Harder

    The Hansen Company, Inc.

  • Eric Heisdorffer

    Rinderknecht Associates, Inc.

  • Austin Horner

    Ball Team, LLC

  • Brandon Jensen

    US Metal Builders Inc.

  • Darren Kent

    Conlon Construction Co.

  • Carolyn Kilborn

    Henkel Construction Co.

  • Eric Kingland

    Kingland Construction Services

  • Ryan Koopman

    Conlon Construction

  • Doug Kumm

    Baker Group

  • Clint Leonard

    Johnson Controls, Inc.

  • Nick Mathistad

    W.A. Klinger, L.L.C.

  • Tim McCulloh

    Holmes Murphy & Associates

  • Matt McSweeney

    TSF Structures, Inc.

  • Bryan Myers

    Neumann Brothers

  • Chris Nelson

    Nelson Electric Company

  • Austin Norberg

    Seedorff Masonry, Inc.

  • Tim Paulus

     Graham Construction Co.

  • Alex Pelzel

    Rinderknecht Associates Inc.

  • Ryan Pigneri

    Ryan Companies US, Inc.

  • Ryan Plock

    Downing Construction Inc.

  • Tom Proctor

    Proctor Mechanical Corporation

  • Seth Rooker

    Holmes Murphy & Associates

  • Bill Schaff

    Commonwealth Electric

  • Maria Schirm

    Tri-City Electric Co.

  • Rod Schumacher

    Conlon Construction Co.

  • Mike Sherman

    Hy-Vee Construction

  • Drew Snyder

    Estes Construction

  • Shamus Stephens

    Skold Construction Services, Inc.

  • Colton Taylor

    Koester Construction Co., Inc.

  • Brent Thompson

    Elder Corporation

  • Josh Thrap

    Hy-Vee Construction

  • Steve Van Brocklin

    Electrical Engineering & Equipment Co.

  • Jerry Van Oort

    Henning Companies

  • Dirk Westercamp

    STUDIO 192 and CO.

  • Mike Yilek

    Northwest Steel Erection Co, Inc.

  • Mitch Zeman

    Breiholz Construction Co.

  • Jacob Zenor

    Heartland Companies