(MBI LIVE) Procore - Project Set-Up, Communication, and Commitments


  • Oct 03, 2022 01:30 PM – 03:30 PM


  • Online Learning - Zoom
Fee Type of Fee
$125 / Person - MBI Members
$160 / Person - Construction Update Subscribers & Non-Members

Presenter: James Coppinger, ZenTek Consultants - Hackensack, NJ

Procore is a powerful Project Management tool, but all too often we get it dropped on us and told to “figure it out” or we get a 15-minute overview and told to “read the help files” and use it on our next project. Procore can be a really simple, and effective, system to use but it does require a bit of training to get you moving in the right direction. In particular, initial project setup and tracking communications of vital project steps is a big struggle for many Project Managers. In this hands-on and interactive session, we will cover all the bases of getting a project started in Procore and work through the necessary steps to assure communication and commitments are consistent and accurate throughout the life of the project.


  • Create new projects
  • Create & control project emails
  • Create & communicate tasks
  • Create & communicate observations
  • Create & communicate commitments

Master Builder Designation: Project Management - 2 Credits