Iowa Sales and Use Tax - Update and Overview For The Construction Industry


  • Dec 15, 2020 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Presenter : Scott Schluter, BerganKDV - Cedar Rapids, IA 

Sales and Use Tax is a constantly changing landscape with legislative and administrative updates occurring every legislative season. This informative webinar will cover the basics of Sales and Use Tax and how the two complement one another with an emphasis on the construction industry. Staying compliant with taxing obligations in the construction industry is particularly difficult with distinctions made relative to determining if a project is new construction, which encompasses reconstruction, alteration, expansion, and remodeling or is the job a repair. Additionally, services that are exempt for new construction are taxable if the job is a repair.

We’ll distinguish what constitutes real property and what remains tangible personal property, exemption certificates, classifications of contractors, billing, record keeping and contracts with designated exempt entities. In addition, we will review recent legislative changes such as, can contractors take advantage of manufacturing exemptions? This webinar will serve as a refresher course for those familiar with Iowa’s taxing laws and a crash course for those unfamiliar.