(MBI-LIVE) EOS Forum - Ask The Expert


  • Nov 09, 2020 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM


  • Online Learning - Zoom
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$100 / Person Construction Update Subscribers & Non-Members

Ask your EOS-related questions here! Are you struggling with your Accountability Chart, or with Rock setting? Is your Scorecard™ giving you the pulse of your business or does it need re-tooling? Chances are your difficulties will resonate with someone else as well. Our panel of EOS® Implementers® are here to help! Submit your question(s) to TFulcher@MBI.Build by November 2nd. 

Mark Stanley, WHY! Company | Johnston, IA

Mark founded the WHY! Company in 2002 and has since compiled over 120 clients. As a business coaching and consultancy provider, Mark helps entrepreneurial leaders clarify, simplify and achieve their vision. He is a sought after and trusted advisor who believes that you must do what you say; do the right thing; grow or die; help first; and be humbly confident. Mark is a certified EOS® implementer; six sigma master black belt; TOC supply chain expert and strategist / analyst, who has consulted, coached, and challenged his clients to be their absolute best. Mark has been a certified EOS® implementer for nearly 10 years, completed over 650 EOS® session days over 40 EOS® collaborative sessions. His work and expertise as an EOS® implementer have gained him a lifetime EOS® client rating of 9.32 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Rob Taylor, Taylor Management Systems | Pella, IA

Rob is President of Taylor Management Systems where he provides Implementation of EOS®, training & development strategic planning facilitation, implementation of problem solving and continuous improvement methodologies, and implementation of management systems (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001). Rob’s passion is helping business owners and leadership teams get what they want out of their company. He has 22 years of experience in manufacturing where he helped an entrepreneur create a leadership team to transition and grow his company from California to the Midwest and from distribution to advanced manufacturing. In 2014, Rob left to go into business to help business owners learn how to set and achieve their goals and grow their businesses.

Jason Berger, North American Minerals | West Des Moines, IA

Jason began his career in logistics and in 2001 bought out the retiring owner of North American Minerals. Since then he has started and ran 12 different businesses. Seven of those businesses went on to great success, some reaching over $20mil in revenue. A few were definite learning experiences, and one in particular led him to EOS®. When he started implementing EOS, he cut expenses by 60% while maintaining the core team and its culture, resulting in a turnaround, and his favorite success story! As President of the EO Iowa chapter, Jason launched a Fellowship Program to give back to the community. He helped young companies get off the ground and taught them the advantages of using EOS. Jason found his passion by teaching EOS® and helping leadership teams get better at three things: VISION, TRACTION and HEALTHY and has helped implement that in over 20 companies.