(MBI-LIVE) Crew Parade Production Planning


  • Mar 31, 2021 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM


  • Online Learning - Zoom
Fee Type of Fee
$100 / Person MBI Members - First 2 People
$65 / Person MBI Members - Each Additional Person From The Same Company
$135 / Person Construction Update Subscribers & Non-Members

Presenter: Michael Casten, Construction Concepts - North Myrtle Beach, SC 

This session will first introduce the current condition of traditional short-term production scheduling and its relationship to an overall project schedule. Then, through the introduction to the concepts of a value stream, pull, and collaboration, a very different approach to bridging between a traditional project CPM schedule and a two-week lookahead schedule will be presented. This material will describe a proven method of facilitating Crew Parade Production Planning and the required preparation, collaborative participation and desired outcomes of these sessions.  Additionally, some time will be spent discussing how to concurrently enhance the possibility of growing a project culture of respect, trust, collaboration and teamwork.  This session will conclude by sharing results of amazingly successful Crew Parade Production Planning events and the opportunities that still exist in terms of unrealized potential as new planning techniques and technologies evolve. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the vision of Daily Crew Production Flow and the need for specific daily crew production goals. 
  • Become familiar with the need to create a collaborative planning function that better connects the overall project schedule and a short-term (two to three week) Look-Ahead-Production Schedule. 
  • Understand how to plan for and facilitate a Crew Parade Production Planning event
  • Understand how to solicit information from crew stakeholders as to their volume of work, preferred route, or sequence of doing the work and the durations and resources associated with that work
  • Understand how to use the output of a Crew Parade Production Planning session to collaboratively populate and manage the various crew work assignments within the Look-Ahead-Schedule 
  • Be introduced to a packet of Crew Parade Production Plannin forms and worksheets 

Master Builder Designation: Project Management - 1.5 credits